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Types of bowling balls you need to know

With the game of bowling, the bowling ball plays an essential role in the way of playing. So today, we will learn about the types of bowling balls – indispensable items in the bowling game.

Introduction to bowling balls

When this bowling game was born, the ball was not as we see it today, but it was made of wood and gradually replaced by rubber and plastic balls.

A bowling ball is a challenging and heavy ball that comes in different colours. On the surface, 3 round holes are forming the triangle for players to put their hands in and hold the ball up. The three fingers to pierce the ball are the thumb, middle finger and ring finger.

It is what bowlers use to throw and roll Kegels.

One note is that you should choose a ball of the right weight and test the ball’s fingers and hole to ensure that it is not too tight or too wide to affect the playing result.

Popular types of bowling balls

When playing bowling, many people see the balls as almost no different, except the weight of the balls is extra. This weight is in pounds, and the number on the main balls equals the ball weight.

The number 6 ball is the lightest at 6 pounds, and the heaviest is the number 16 ball at 16 pounds or 7.3 kg.

But few people know that the structure inside the bowling ball is not the same, and there are several ways to divide the ball as follows:

Divided by the internal structure

It is the simplest way to divide and is most interested in many people because knowing the shaft core structure will help you have a suitable ball passage.

Shaft ball

You often hear about different styles of bowling where a ball with a shaft or without a stake is also suitable for different ways of playing.

Thanks to the inner shaft core, the ball rotates faster and more powerfully, increasing the possibility of spilling Kegels. This ball will be suitable for those with a hook style (spin with a curved ball) or spinner (throw the ball on a vertical axis, and the ball goes straight).

The ball is not made for style of play but based on how the ball is drilled, the game types are created. If you want to practice hook or spinner style, order yourself a ball with a shaft to get the best practice and improve your score.

Shaftless ball

That is, this is a solid bowling ball with no core inside. It can be used for hooks, spinners, and straights. But this type of ball is most suitable for hitting straight.

Because if you use the ball without a shaft for hook and spinner – both ways of playing need the power of the ball, it will make the results not high. When there is no shaft, the ball’s rotation is not increased, the attack with the Kegels will also decrease. Choose for yourself each solid core ball if you go straight or play spare.

Divide by ball shell

The material of the ball shell will significantly affect the speed of the ball. According to research from the manufacturers, the ball shell is made from a synthetic resin called Poly Urethane and high molecular active ingredients (Resin).

On the current bowling ball market, there are four most popular ball shells:

  • Normal Reactive Resin shell
  • Reactive Solid Resin case
  • Reactive Pearl Resin case
  • Hybrid Reactive Resin case

Divide by ball weight

All bowling balls have different weights for players to choose the right ball for them.

Balls are available in weights from 10 lbs to 16 lbs. Professional bowlers recommend using a ball that fits your wrist strength and the way the ball goes.

If you have weak wrists, you can choose 10 lbs – 11 lbs light balls, and they are suitable for using spinner style.

Heavier balls will be suitable for professional players or those with strong wrists. Heavy balls can be used to hit the hook very well.

We hope to help you learn more about bowling balls and choose the right ball for you through this sharing.

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